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About Lecalico

A coffee get together of two fashionistas and two technocrats sprang an idea to redefine cotton apparels. These are friends collaborating to bring out their colorful passion to the world in the form of elegant clothing which will be well acknowledged en masse. Le Calico is here to showcase the ethos of cotton fabrics with peerless purity and exclusiveness that will distinguish itself from the existing clothing lines and become the trendsetter.

Indian cotton has qualities that makes it one of the best in the world, resulting in an increased demand all around the globe. Cotton carries the spirit of the culture that India beholds and is a fabric that can bring out the charm and comfort of any attire.

The versatility of the natural Fibre, durability, temperature control and breathability are the main aspects that make cotton as our fabric choice. Le Calico’s innovative clothes line is developed from premium cotton weaves that will evoke the person with an alleviating and cozy feel of the fabric and makes the attired feel relaxed. Our swank styles will be continually updated to keep the clothes line always in vogue.